The Creative Learning Trust

Creating innovative learning resources for children and adults with special needs

In 2017 the Charity Commission gave us permission to establish The Creative Learning Trust (CLT). The CLT took over all the educational work of The Clinical Science & Education Foundation (CSEF), which is now closed. The CLT has the mandate to continue this work in Romania and to extend it to the United Kingdom.

Special emphasis is placed on the production of learning resources for both children and adults with special needs. To these ends we are currently supporting selected organisations and professionals in the UK and Romania.

Over the past couple of years the CLT has produced over 150 different resources for speech and language therapists (SLT) who support children and adults. Our portfolio includes laminated A7, A6, A5 and A4 sets of themed cards, laser engraved jigsaws and tiles and sets of dominoes. A range of ID-size plastic picture cards are used for semantic categorization. Miniature dioramas have been made for children with autism and other special needs. We have also increased the number of recipients of our new resources. Currently, there are four organisations in Cluj-Napoca, Romania that we are collaborating with. These are the Hungarian School for the Deaf No.2 (now Kozmutza Flora Hallasserultek Specialis lskolaja), Maltez Kindergarten, the Hungarian Reformed Church Kindergarten and the Transylvanian Autism Association. In the UK we are working with four early years and seven adult SLT groups in Kent.

About Us

In 1990, just after the Revolutions in Eastern Europe, Brian Mansfield (The Protekton Trust) asked David White to go to Romania to run some training sessions in selected hospitals.

We never believed that we would return again and again for the next 25+ years. But we did, and in the process got to know many British and Romanian people who wanted to contribute to improving the poor conditions in central and Eastern Europe.

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Laser engraved jigsaws

What We Do

Custom-made Resources

One of the strengths of the CLT is that it is not bound by any commercial considerations when it produces its resources, generally in-house. We do not make products in bulk that will be sold for profit. In fact, the materials are given free of any charge to all the recipients. Our goal is the make products that are economical, highly effective and liked and enjoyed both by those having therapy and the therapists. Ensuring the resources are tailored to the precise requirements of the target groups is a high priority.

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ID-size plastic picture cards

Newsletters & Latest News

THE CLT publishes regular newsletters. Electronic copies of these, as well as the final few editions of the CSEF newsletter, can be downloaded from this website

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The Creative Learning Trust continues the educational work of The Clinical Science Foundation, established at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1990 and The Clinical Science & Education Foundation established in 2001. Registered Charity No. 1171949 (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). © The Creative Learning Trust 2019 - 2020